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"Fast service, Great quality and a very nice experience. Will use again in the near future I am sure!"

Craig, December 2020

"Rackets were ready for pick-up within 24 hours. An excellent service, would definitely recommend!!"

Christian, November 2020

"Very quick service and very professional. 1st racket Strings were installed within 24 hours and my other racket was done on the same day. Highly recommend this place."

Eren, September 2020

"This handsome young chap strung my new rackets extremely well. Would highly recommend. A* service and attention to detail with the Babolat stencil. Thank you *****"

Daniel, August 2020

Fantastic service. Needed a racket re-strung and a new overgrip before playing again after some time away. Racket was collected and dropped back within 24 hours looking and feeling great. Would highly recommend!

Nathan, July 2020

"Excellent service. Sam offered a comprehensive range of string choices & advised on both string selections & tensions. Rackets were re-strung within 24 hours, with excellent results. I would recommend Essex Racket Stringing."

Harry, July 2020

"Sam did a really high-quality job with the strings. The drop off and collect service is excellent, he returned the racquet overnight!"

Tom, July 2020

"Fantastic customer service and an extremely high-quality job. I will definitely be back whenever I need a racket stringing!"

Michael, June 2020

"I got a new racket stringed for the first time and am very happy with the expert advice and fast turnaround. Highly recommend. Thanks Sam!"

Mark, June 2020

"Awesome service, Sam is very knowledgeable about different string types & gives great advice. Also very quick turnaround, highly recommended!"

Tom, June 2020

"Great friendly, fast and quality service! Sam was a gent to deal with :-)"

Martin, June 2020

"Brilliant service, super friendly and helpful. Would recommend to anyone!"

Tom, June 2020

"Quality and efficient service from Sam; same day turnaround. Would highly recommend and will definitely be using Essex Racket Stringing again."

Harry, May 2020

"Knowledgeable & really helped in getting me to choose the right strings for my tennis rackets. Will definitely be making this my regular for stringing."

Sean, May 2020

"Thoroughly professional and helpful. Dropped off racket (that was delivered with no strings from Sports direct!) on the weekend after calling Sam. He offered different strings so he can accommodate any tennis level. He then not only strung my racket but delivered it back next day! Thanks Sam, for the "no strings attached" service!!"

Terry, May 2020

"In the last few years, trying to get your racket restrung has become very difficult and the current lock down doesn't help. So, I used Essex Racket Stringing run by Sam. Had my badminton racket re-strung using Yonex BG80 and used his drop-off-pickup service. He's done a great job at a reasonable price. I'll be using his service again."

Aatush, May 2020

"Sam was a pleasure to meet and in the end gave me a same day service within 2 hrs, he also gave me all the advice I needed as he had several options available, could not of asked for any thing else great service."

Tant, Apr 2020

"I wanted my tennis rackets restrung and ready for when the new season. Sam was able to collect, restring and return my rackets within 24-hours. Sam provided an exceptional service which I would highly recommend."

Michael, Apr 2020

"As a clay court club our players strings get worn out quicker than most and Sam’s service is brilliant. The quality of his stringing is excellent and the ability to have our racquets picked up and dropped off is so welcome."

Warren, Mar 2020

"Sam was recommended to me by a family member and I was very impressed with the fast turn around and the advice he gave me about the string I should use. Reasonably priced and good range of string options available."

Louise, Mar 2020

"Great service! Sam gave me great advice on what strings were best for me and a speedy racket return."

Radoslav, Feb 2020

"Really friendly and promt service. Extremely fast turn around on the three rackets I needed restringing."

Dan, Feb 2020

"I needed two squash rackets restrung with new grips. My rackets were taken personally by Sam and he showed excellent practise in asking about types of strings and tension wanted. Playing socially I wasn’t sure about the tension but he informed me well of what he thought. He tailored the grips to what I wanted. Both rackets were done for a very cheap price compared to big companies, and returned to me within two days! Highly recommended."

Matt, Jan 2020

"Fabulous service offered by Sam. I live in Lancashire but am working down in Essex so had to take a chance with Sam and was very pleased that I did. I was able to drop my racquet off on a Sunday evening and pick it up just a few days later. Even when I forgot to pick it up early evening, Sam was flexible enough for me to pick it up after 10pm. I know where to come if I need another restring in the future. Excellent job and great service."

Ian, Jan 2020

"Thank you Sam for a fantastic service. Contact was made and the job was done within 24 hours to restring my squash racket! Great communication and advice. Would highly recommend."

Daniel, Jan 2020

"Huge thanks to Sam for restringing my daughter’s rackets again! Wilson Sensation string. I am sure it will give her a competitive advantage in her Grade 3 tournaments next weekend!"

Svetlana, Jan 2020

"Really good service, punctual, high communication, quick turnaround. Sam strung my squash racket, he doesn't usually keep these strings in stock, but got a string quickly and did a good job. I'd use again without a doubt."

Edward, Jan 2020

"Thanks Sam. I'm really pleased with the new strings that you chose. They have really made a difference to my arm. I've played three times now without any problems. I will definitely ask you to string my racket again."

Mark, Dec 2019

"Great stringer. Quick turnaround and pick-up & collect service. Gave me a high-quality string."

Alex, Nov 2019

"Great stringing and convenient collection and delivery - was very happy with the service!"

Paul, Oct 2019

"Great advice from Sam and an overnight turnaround. Amazing service!"

Graham, Sep 2019

"Great service very easy to use, reasonably priced and good stringing quality."

Matt, Aug 2019

"Great service! Sam gave me great advice on what strings were best for me and a speedy racket return. Wouldn't go anywhere else now!"

Liam, Jul 2019

"Great Service - Sam provided some great advice on what strings would help me with my game and they have paid dividends thus far."

Laura, Jul 2019

"Sam responded quickly and provided a service of top quality, collecting, stringing and returning my tennis racquet within 24 hours. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and will certainly be using Sam’s services again in the future."

Mark, Jun 2019

"Great service! Very quick and a lovely guy. I needed my tennis racket re-strung as I was playing the next day, Sam couldn't have been more helpful with what sting was best and he also drops off rackets back to customers which is great."

Chris, Jun 2019
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