Badminton Racket Stringing

Our badminton racket stringing service focuses on high performance Yonex & Ashaway multifilament badminton strings. All prices include the cost of the string as well as installation. Collection & return can also be arranged for a small additional fee based on your location.

Ashaway ZyMax 68 TX

Ashaway ZyMax 68 TX Badminton String Set in White Ashaway Logo

Produced with a new textured surface coating for durability, available in white.

Material: BETA Polymer; Colour: White; Gauge: 0.68mm; Best for: Control & Durability

£24 / Racket

Ashaway ZyMax 66 Fire

Ashaway ZyMax 66 Fire Badminton String Set in Orange Ashaway Logo

Produced with Ashaway's revolutionary BETA polymer material, available in orange.

Material: BETA Polymer; Colour: Orange; Gauge: 0.66mm; Best for: All-round & Durability

£26 / Racket

Yonex BG80

Yonex BG80 Badminton String Set in Yellow Yonex Logo

Comprising of an ultra thin gauge to provide the ultimate in repulsion, ideal for power players.

Material: Multifilament; Colour: Yellow; Gauge: 0.68mm Best for: Ultimate Repulsion

£28 / Racket

Badminton String Guide

The vast majority of badminton strings are formed by multiple filaments of nylon, also known as multifilament string. Some badminton strings are also finished with a titanium coating, which can result in improved power and durability.

Multifilament Badminton Strings: A complex string made from thousands of thin fibres which are intertwined together, with the ability to still behave independently from one another, creating a string with great elasticity and resilience. Some multifilament strings are also finished with a titanium coating, which can improve the durability of the string. The choice of badminton string can be overwhelming, so we focus solely on Yonex badminton strings to ensure that our customers are playing with a reputable and reliable string of superior quality.

When discussing badminton string gauge, we are referring to the thickness of the badminton string, measured in millimetres. A thinner string will feel better to play with, as well as being softer on your arm. A thicker string will not feel quite as good but will be more durable than a thinner string.

It is important to find a string gauge which suits your game, as well as being cost effective so that you are not restringing your badminton racket after a few hours of play. Badminton string gauges are given a numerical value which have been outlined below.

Badminton string gauges and diameters in millimetres:

  • 20: 0.80 – 0.90mm (thickest)
  • 20 Micro: 0.78 – 0.82mm
  • 21: 0.70 – 0.80mm
  • 21 Micro: 0.68 – 0.72mm
  • 22: 0.60 – 0.70mm (thinnest)

The final variable when choosing a badminton string is the tension which you would like your badminton racket strung at, which can have a massive impact on your overall performance.

  • All badminton rackets will specify a recommended tension range, which can commonly be found on the inside of the racket frame above the handle
  • Typically, badminton rackets will be strung between 18lbs and 30lbs on tension, or between 8kgs and 14kgs if measuring in metrics
  • A low tension will be characterised by more power, whereas a high tension will demonstrate greater control on your shots
  • If you are unsure which tension to opt for, we would recommend having your racket strung in the middle on the recommended tension range, usually around 24 -26 lbs
  • A higher string tension will cause more strain in your arm. For this reason, we would recommend that junior and senior players use a lower string tension to minimise injury
  • Badminton rackets will lose tension relatively quickly so it is worth considering stringing a few pounds higher than what you actually want to play with to compensate for this loss of tension
  • As you might expect a racket with a higher string tension will lose tension more rapidly than a lower string tension

If you require any further assistance in choosing the correct string, gauge and tension please do not hesitate in contacting us. We would be more than happy to help answer any queries which you may have.