My Story

Essex Racket Stringing was founded by me (Sam) in 2018, with the ambition to offer a fast and convenient racket restringing service throughout the Essex county. As an avid tennis enthusiast and player of more than 20 years I was finding it increasingly difficult to find a reliable stringer who could restring my racket for when I needed it and how I liked it set up. I found myself having to pay extortionate postage fees to send my racket away and then wait over a week for my racket to be returned, which I found frustrating. After speaking to players across all racket sports it seemed my frustration was a shared one, brought on by the demise of the once common high street sports store, Intersport in Loughton, PWP in Chigwell and Deuce in Wanstead to name a few.

To resolve this issue, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a racket stringing machine, acquiring a Tyger Profi 69, featuring an electronic tension display and a manual leaver to pull tension. I had previously learnt to restring rackets during work experience at Deuce in Wanstead, taught by my coach at the time (Alan). In addition to this I have learnt new skills and information by extensively watching YouTube videos as a refresher course. I have practiced rigorously on my own tennis, badminton and squash rackets until I mastered the techniques, tying more starting and finishing knots than I would wish on anyone. I was now able to offer my racket stringing service to the wider community of Essex.

What makes my racket stringing service so convenient is that I can collect and return your racket for a small additional fee in many parts of Essex, including Chigwell, Loughton, Romford, Chingford and Waltham Abbey. You can also drop off and collect your rackets from myself, located in Waltham Abbey. In addition to this I can typically return your newly strung racket the following day, or even the same day if needed. I can also help you decide on the string type and tension which is right for your game to help you become a better player and assist staying injury free by setting up your racket to be kind to your body.

I am pleased to announce that I have now upgraded my stringing machine to a Wilson Baiardo. This really is the best stringing machine currently available to purchase and is the stringing machine of choice for many professional tournaments, including the Australian Open, French Open and US Open Grand Slam events. The Wilson Baiardo is renowned for its ergonmic design and supreme tension accuracy which allows me to restring rackets for my clients to a professional standard which is awesome.

My ultimate aim is to make playing your favourite racket sport as convenient as possible, whether it’s tennis, badminton or squash, knowing that if you break a string or if you need your racket restringing for an important match you have a stringer that you can rely on. If you require any additional information you can contact me directly, or check out our FAQ’s page here, containing insightful information on all things string related.