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Pre Owned Tennis Rackets

Welcome to our sustainable haven for tennis enthusiasts! Delve into our curated collection of vintage tennis rackets, where each piece tells a story of craftsmanship and timeless quality. Embrace the eco-conscious choice by opting for our second-hand tennis racquets, reducing waste while reviving the glory of well-crafted sporting gear. Every pre-owned racket, meticulously inspected and refurbished, offers not just exceptional performance but also a nod to the sustainability movement. Join us in preserving the heritage of the game while elevating your play with these classic, eco-friendly options.

Discover Second Hand Tennis Rackets

Featuring a collection of pre-loved tennis rackets from leading brands such as Wilson, Head & Dunlop. Purchase a timeless classic or add a new frame to your vintage collection, rest assured that all of our pre-owned rackets have been revamped to an exceptional standard.

Head YouTek Prestige MP

Unleash your tennis potential with the HEAD YouTek Prestige MP, a pinnacle of precision and power designed for advanced players seeking unparalleled control and performance on the court.

Year: 2009; String Pattern: 18 x 20; Weight: 320g; Head Size: 98sqi

Price: £100

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Head YouTek Prestige S

Experience the pinnacle of tennis performance with the HEAD YouTek Prestige S, a versatile and powerful racket meticulously crafted for intermediate to advanced players.

Year: 2009; String Pattern: 16 x 19; Weight: 305g; Head Size: 98sqi

Price: £100

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Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 90

A classic Wilson Pro Staff tennis racket with BLX technology. Comprising of a 90 square inch head size and an unstrung weight of 339g, making it ideal for heavy hitters seeking control.

Year: 2013; String Pattern: 16 x 19; Weight: 339g; Head Size: 90sqi

Price: £125

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Wilson N Code Six One Tour 90

Discover ultimate precision and power on the court with the Wilson nCode Six.One Tour 90 tennis racket. A masterpiece crafted for champions seeking unparalleled control and finesse.

Year: 2005; String Pattern: 16 x 19; Weight: 339g; Head Size: 90sqi

Price: £150

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Wilson Pro Staff Rok 93

Experience the pinnacle of control and power on the court with the Wilson Pro Staff ROK 93 tennis racket, designed for elite players seeking unmatched precision and versatility in every shot.

Year: 2006; String Pattern: 18 x 20; Weight: 355g; Head Size: 93sqi

Price: £100

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Pre Owned Racket FAQ's

Our pre-owned tennis rackets undergo a revitalising process, giving them a renewed lease of life. This includes fitting new replacement grips for enhanced comfort and control. Fresh strings are carefully strung to optimise on-court performance. Racket stencils are restored, showcasing their prestigious brand identity. Grommet replacements ensure durability and structural integrity, while meticulous paintwork cleaning rejuvenates their appearance, ensuring these rackets are primed and ready to excel in every match.

Once an agreement has been reached payment can be made via a secure payment link. As soon as the payment has been received we will prepare the racket for delivery. First we will require some basic information from the buyer (name & address). We will then securely package the racket and will arrange delivery via a tusted courier. We tend to use Evri as they do not charge more for larger parcels as their prices are purely by weight and not size. We will also add on any additional protection that the buyer requests such as enhanced tracking, signature, greater insurance etc. Please note that the buyer will be resposible for both the purchase of the racket, as well as the delivery cost. If you were to use Evri for example the delivery costs can be as little as £4.

Getting in contact with us is simple. You can call me directly on 07585815540, WhatsApp message or via our contact form.

The price listed is what we believe is a fair price based on the amount of time and money that has been spent restoring the racket. It takes skill to restring, regrip and replace grommets where appropriate, which is why we believe that our rackets are competitively priced. With this said we are also willing to discuss any offers, particularly if you are planning to make more than one purchase.

Our rackets have primarily been sourced from auction sites, where careful research and attention to detail ensures that we only offer genuine tennis rackets which have been restored maticulously to ensure our customers are satisfied with the products and service that we provide.