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Premium Tennis Brand RS Tennis By Robin Söderling

A new premium tennis brand making a big noise. At the forefront is Robin Söderling, one of only two players to ever beat Nadal at the French Open and reaching an impressive singles career high of number four in the world in 2009. Robin’s illustrious career comprised of ten ATP titles, including the ATP Masters 1000 title at the BNP Paribas tournament in 2010. His accolades don’t stop there, having finished runner up at the French Open in both 2009 and 2010.

It’s safe to say that Robin and RS Tennis know a thing or two about tennis and have based their products on years of tennis experience, mixed with scientific research to create a premium product that is already impressing the tennis world. RS Tennis have extended their agreement as the official ball supplier of the Stockholm Open ATP 250 event for a further three years. Stars of the ATP including Alexander Zverev have had many positive things to say, “love the RS ball and think it is one of the best on tour”.

The Collection

RS Lyon

RS Lyon 12M String Set

The first and most iconic product of the RS Tennis range. As a player Robin Söderling played with Luxilon for over ten years, followed by Solinco Tour Bite during the last 6 months of his career. The RS Lyon uses these strings as an example with two important improvements that he felt was lacking. Firstly, tension maintenance was an essential adjustment to allow players to get the most out of their strings for longer. Secondly, RS Tennis adopted for a softer string to reduce the impact of joints, such as the feared tennis elbow to help prolong the playing career for all players, both at professional and club level.

Best For: Control and feel
18.00 (12M) / 190.00 (220M)

RS Paris

RS Paris 12M String Set

This is the second string developed by Robin, taking his time to implement the perfect balance between spin and power. As the name suggests the RS Paris Octagon string is a multifilament string comprising of 8 edges, great for players who adopt a spin heavy playing style. Robin best describes this string as being “made for players who still like a crisp, stiff feel from the string. The RS Paris string in comparable to Babolat’s popular RPM Blast, which is currently the preferred choice of string from none other than the spin king himself Rafael Nadal. Again, RS Tennis take great pride in the tension preservation which their strings offer.

Best For: Spin and power
23.00 (12M) / 225.00 (220M)

RS New York

RS New York 12M String Set

The newest addition to the RS Tennis collection. RS New York represents the ultimate multifilament string, developed by Robin Söderling together with expert Japanese engineers. This string has been given the accolade of being as close to natural gut as possible. The RS New York is without doubt the most premium offering from RS Tennis and is arguably the best string in the world right now. RS Tennis advise that this string is great when used as part of a hybrid string bed, giving players fantastic potential of touch and spin, backed up by its soft feel making it very efficient on the body. In our opinion this is the best alternative on the market to natural gut.

Best For: Soft feel and spin
29.00 (12M) / 320.00 (200M)

RS Black Edition

RS Black Edition tennis balls

From tennis strings to tennis balls, RS Tennis have excelled in creating a brand-new type of tennis ball which is already becoming popular on tour, as well as being the tennis ball of choice for many amateur tennis players. RS Black Edition is the official tennis ball at both the Stockholm Open ATP 250 event, as well as the Memphis Open. Alexander Zverev as recently openly spoken about his admiration for this ball “love the RS ball and think it is one of the best on tour”, a view that is also shared by many other professional tennis players on tour. This comes as no surprise, being the first ever tennis ball developed by an ATP World Tour Champion.

Best For: Durability and control
26.00 (12 balls) / 160.00 (72 balls)

RS Tour Edition

RS Tour Edition tennis balls

The second tennis ball developed by Robin Söderling and RS Tennis offers the same premium quality as the RS Black Edition. The RS Tour Edition ball has been designed using the world’s most exclusive felt, together with world leading components making up the inner of the ball. In terms of playability, the RS Tour Edition plays a little faster than the RS Black Edition ball, making it ideal for medium to slow hard tennis courts, as well as great for clay tennis courts. The ball also makes a good claim for faster surfaces by many of its peers. RS Tour Edition is the official ball of the Intrum Stockholm Open ATP World Tour 250.

Best For: Slow to medium court
160.00 (72 balls)

Other products in the RS Tennis collection include grips and accessories which are again designed and implemented with a premium feel. We are massive fans of what RS Tennis are trying to achieve, offering a long overdue premium product in the tennis industry which can be enjoyed by both professionals and casual tennis players. For any stringers or players out there looking to try something completely new, we can’t recommend RS Tennis highly enough.