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Essex Racket Stringing

As someone who has been playing racket sports for over 20 years I understand how important it is to find a stringer that you can rely on. I offer a fast and convenient service which will allow you to receive your newly strung racket as quickly as possible. In some areas of Essex, including Waltham Abbey, Epping, Loughton, Chigwell, Chingford & Romford I provide a collection and return service for added convenience. In addition to this I will keep a record of your preferred string and tension in preparation for the next time that you need your tennis, badminton or squash racket restringing.

The types of string listed on the website are only a guideline for what I offer. If you require a string which isn't listed this can be easily ordered in for you. Alternatively you can also provide me with your own string to use. If you require any specialist assistance in the type of string and tension that suits your game don't hesitate to ask. I also offer a loyalty scheme which provides you with money off incentives and free gifts the more times you have your tennis, badminton or squash rackets restrung.

Tennis Racket Stringing

We offer a professional tennis racket restringing service from £20 per racket. Choose from our comprehensive selection of premium tennis strings.

Kirschbaum Synthetic Gut Premium
Kirschbaum Synthetic Gut Premium Tennis String Reel

A good entry level synthetic gut tennis string, offering a decent amount of playability and control.

£20 / Racket

Wilson Sensation
Wilson Sensation Multifilament Tennis String

A soft and comfortable multifilament tennis string offering immense touch and playability.

£22 / Racket

Solinco Hyper G Soft
Solinco Hyper G Soft Tennis String Set

Constructed to deliver maximum power and spin made from softer co-polyester material.

£26 / Racket

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Badminton Racket Stringing

We offer a professional badminton racket restringing service from £20 per racket. Choose from our comprehensive selection of Ashaway and Yonex badminton strings.

Ashaway 66 Fire
Ashaway Zymax 66 Fire Badminton String Reel

Produced with Ashaway's revolutionary BETA polymer material, available in white.

£20 / Racket

Ashaway Rogue Duo
Ashaway Rogue Duo Badminton String Reel

A bespoke combination of 2 strings, designed specifically to be used in combination.

£22 / Racket

Yonex BG66 Ultimax
Yonex BG66 Ultimax 200m Badminton String Reel in Neon Pink

Comprising of an ultra thin gauge to provide the ultimate in repulsion & clear hitting.

£24 / Racket

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Squash Racket Stringing

We offer a professional squash racket restringing service from £20 per racket. Choose from our comprehensive selection of premium squash strings.

Prince Synthetic Gut + Duraflex
Prince Synthetic Gut + Duraflex Squash String

Regarded as the most popular synthetic gut string in squash, ideal for players of all standards.

£20 / Racket

Technifibre Synthetic Gut
Technifibre Synthetic Gut Squash String

A single wrapped monofilament string with anti abrasion coating, providing all-round performance.

£24 / Racket

Ashaway Super Nick XL
Wilson Sensation Strike Squash String

This world renowned string has all the power, durability and spin potential you could ever need.

£26 / Racket

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Racket Accessories

Complete your order in style by adding a racket accessory from only £2. We offer racket stencils, replacement grips, dampeners and more.

Overlay Grip
Wilson Tennis Overlay Grips

Overlay grips are available in white, black or pink. Your chosen overlay grip will be fitted to your racket which is included in the price.

£4 / Each

Racket Stencil
Tennis Racket Stencils

Make your racket feel brand new by adding a Wilson, Head or Babolat logo back onto your strings the next time you have your racket restrung.

£2 / Each

Vibration Dampener
Tennis Racket Vibration Dampeners

Reduce the vibrations in your arm by opting for a tennis racket vibration dampener. Smiley emojis are available in red, blue or yellow.

£4 / Each

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