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5 Reasons why the Wilson Baiardo stringing machine is the best in the world

When deciding on our next stringing machine to invest in we researched extensively to identify the machine that would not only be the best for our stringers, but more importantly for our customers. Combining ergonomic design with accuracy and efficiency we finally found what we were looking for in the best-in-class Wilson Baiardo stringing machine.

1. Accurate tension every time

During the start-up process the Wilson Baiardo runs through a series of diagnostic checks (7 in total), to ensure that all switches, sensors, and motors are functioning correctly. This ensures that the machine is working as expected during every use and gives the racket stringer full confidence that the tension is being pulled accurately on every string. Less advanced stringing machines will not feature any automation to ensure that the machine is working correctly which as a result will result in a less accurate string job unless a manual calibration tool is used before every use.

2. Biomechanically Efficient Stringing Technology (B.E.S.T.™)

The Wilson Baiardo puts the health of the racket stringer first. With the ability to configure up to 6 user profiles, this stringing machine will automatically adjust its height and angle perfectly in alignment with the height of the stringer who is currently using the machine. This is where the name Baiardo originates from, a magic horse which adjusts its height for its rider. The Wilson Baiardo height will change when mounting / dismounting the racket, when pulling the main strings and finally when pulling the cross strings. The angle of the machine will also tilt accordingly when either pulling the main or the cross strings to make the process as efficient and safe for the stringer as possible.

3. Wilson tournament settings

String like a professional with the Wilson Baiardo stringing machine. Within the settings on the machines digital display, you will be able to locate the Wilson Tournament Settings, giving you an insight into how the professional team at Wilson string their rackets. Here at Essex Racket Stringing we replicate these settings to ensure every racket is restrung to a professional standard. The Wilson team currently set up their machines to the following spec:

4. The machine of choice for Grand Slam tennis tournaments

The biggest accolade any stringing machine could boast. The Wilson Baiardo is the stringing machine of choice for the Australian Open, French Open and US Open Grand Slam tennis events. Regarded as the most comfortable stringing machine in the world you can understand why this would be the machine of choice as Grand Slam events where racket stringers will be stringing rackets around the clock to meet the demands of the players. This combined with the immense accuracy and efficiency of the Baiardo means that stringers can quickly and safely complete a restring to a professional standard of the highest quality.

5. Going the distance

The Wilson Baiardo has a no expense spared aura about it. From its polished stainless-steel frame to its touchscreen digital display, the Baiardo really is the best in the business when it comes to racket stringing machines. Some of our favourite features show a touch of class and high attention detail which other stringing machines fail to produce. Firstly, its diamond crusted clamps mean that only slight pressure is required to hold tension on the string, meaning that the chance of string damage or impressions made by the clamping tool are very minimal. Secondly, this machine is packed full of useful features which add well needed automation to the stringing process. The knot tension setting is awesome in overpulling the last main and cross strings on the racket with a single touch of the screen, this saves valuable time having to reset your machine manually to perform the same action.

At Essex Racket Stringing every racket which we restring is done so using the best stringing machine in the world, applying the Wilson Tournament Settings to guarantee that your racket has been restrung to a professional standard, every time.